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Dr. Maureen Toal and the specialists here at her clinic in Phoenix, Arizona understand that your smile’s appearance can have a major impact on your self-esteem. When one of your teeth suffers from a physical imperfection, like a noticeable chip, mismatched filling, or severely discolored tooth enamel, it can leave you wanting for solutions.

To cosmetically restore a tooth in this condition, Dr. Maureen Toal might recommend replacing the tooth’s enamel layer with a porcelain crown. Dr. Maureen Toal will start with a thorough examination of the tooth to assess its overall health. This often includes taking a few X-rays to make sure that the interior structure of the tooth is healthy.

A drill will then be used to remove the all the tooth enamel, leaving behind an abutment made from the dentin. This will eventually serve to anchor the porcelain crown in your mouth.

Dr. Maureen Toal will then cast a detailed impression of the abutment and the surrounding teeth. This includes the details of the local bite pattern. It will be sent to a dental lab where your new crown is prepared. A temporary crown is placed over the abutment to keep it safe, while you wait for the dental lab to create the crown.

A member of Dr. Maureen Toal’s staff will call you to schedule a brief follow up appointment when your porcelain crown is completed. she will cement the porcelain crown in onto the abutment with a powerful dental adhesive.

If you have an unappealing tooth in your smile, call 602.485.0505 to explore your cosmetic restoration options at Dr. Maureen Toal’s Phoenix, Arizona dental office.