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Do you ever wish there was an easier oral health care treatment plan in dentistry that uses comprehensive care treatment plans to take care of your entire mouth and your body? There is now, as Dr. Maureen Toal and our team at Center For Dental Rehabilitation have developed and implemented a system known as the Toal Method™. The Toal Method is designed to treat the mouth as an organ system to improve recovery times, reduce dental anxiety, and allow more procedures to be completed within a shorter time frame.  For more information about the Toal Method, consider the following:

– The Toal Method is designed to decrease stress specifically by addressing incidents and concerns that patients often have, including worries about pain and general dental anxieties.
– The Toal Method can maximize efficiency within a dental office by increasing productivity with comprehensive treatment planning.
–  The Toal Method allows dentists to treat more patients in their office with less referrals out.
– The Toal Method fill a void within dentistry that currently exists within the marketplace.
–  The Toal Method allows dentists to use more of their training to build a greater foundation for their skill set by implementing multiple proactive dental treatments.
–  With the help of the Toal Method, effective and comprehensive treatment plans can be given for large sections of the population whose oral health care needs are often not easily obtained or met.
– The Toal Method provides a much greater financial value and ROI for dentists and dental offices.
– Through our method, you will be able to communicate more effectively and efficiently with your patients to address oral health care stresses that often arise, including dental anxiety.
– The Toal Method is beneficial for special needs patients that have disorders which hinder them from receiving traditional treatments due to physical, mental or psychological impairments.
– The Toal Method allows dentists to see and maintain more patients as well as provide multiple complex procedures at one time.

If you would like to improve your own dental office, Dr. Maureen Toal offers three-day seminars to teach you all about the Toal Method, with access to the following:

– Information on treating the math is an organ system
– Treatment plans designed to incorporate all forms of anesthesia into a safe and effective oral health care experience
– Live patient experiences, plus 4- and 6-handed dentistry
– Tips for maximizing patient care for you and your team
– Safety planning for patient care

For more information about the Toal Method, you can contact our team by calling us at 602.485.0505.  Dr. Maureen Toal and our team at our office in Phoenix, Arizona look forward to taking your dental experiences to the next level with the Toal Method.