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Here at Center For Dental Rehabilitation, we are ready to inform and provide you with the best care for your child’s teeth. The crucial time to start their professional care is when they are first born and then when their teeth first start to appear.

Clean your baby’s mouth out with a clean cloth or gauze after they are first born. Around six months is when they’re first teeth may start to appear as well as other underlying teeth under the gums. Help soothe their gums with a small spoon or your finger that is cool. A teething ring is another great option for them so they can comfort themselves through chewing.

With a regular dental visit, your dentist can determine any problems that may appear such as cavities or tooth decay. Visit as soon as their first tooth starts to pop out or around their first birthday. Our team here at Center For Dental Rehabilitation can also give you information on how to stop any thumb sucking and give your child the proper dental care.

Your child’s dental routine needs to include brushing twice a day, typically pretty soon after eating. Flossing is another key as soon as their teeth start to grow close to one another. This needs to be done at least once a day. Their routine also needs to include a biannual visit to their dentist where we can help prepare their teeth for speaking, eating, and having a great smile.

Call 602.485.0505 here at Center For Dental Rehabilitation to get a consultation from our dental professionals or schedule an appointment with Dr. Maureen Toal. We will be happy to serve you and your baby here in Phoenix, Arizona, with any of your dental needs.