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Although not all oral health care treatments are designed to work in the same way, they all tend to have specific benefits for your smile. If you wish to enhance your smile with a service restoration to your teeth, see your dentist to speak to them about the use of a dental bonding treatment. With dental bonding, you can receive the care that your smile needs to give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

If you’re looking for a highly reliable and durable treatment to improve the durability of a tooth, a dental bond should be considered. Dental bonds typically last over ten years before a replacement may be needed and can even be used for a multitude of benefits for your teeth. Not only can they be used to repair chips and cracks in your teeth, but they can also even be used to change the appearance of a tooth, the shape of a tooth and even to correct spaces between teeth. They are even used as cosmetic enhancements to repair tooth decay in the event a cavity is present. Dental bonds are often used for root protection as well as they can cover up any portion of a tooth’s root that may have been exposed due to ailments such as gum recession.

When you are ready to visit the dentist office of Center For Dental Rehabilitation in Phoenix, Arizona, for dental bonding treatments, you can book an exam by calling us at 602.485.0505. Dr. Maureen Toal and our entire team look forward to providing you the superb smile you’ve always wanted.