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When people think of dentists, they often shudder at the thought of root canal therapy. But root canal treatment doesn’t cause pain, it relieves it. As with many other “emergency” dental procedures, patients mistakenly associate the painful experience of the infection with the dental procedure itself.

But thanks to modern technologies, anesthetics and the availability of sedation dentistry, root canal therapy itself is no more uncomfortable than having a filling placed. The truth is, a root canal is a relatively simple procedure that causes little or no discomfort at all.

Here’s how it works: Each tooth in your mouth is a living thing that has blood vessels and nerves. If a tooth decays badly enough that a deep cavity forms, or if the tooth is cracked or broken, then the tissue inside the tooth (the pulp) can become infected. If the tooth becomes inflamed or diseased, then it begins to swell and this causes pain.

But your caring dentist, Dr. Toal, can “save” your tooth through a completely painless root canal procedure. Once you’re properly anesthetized, Dr. Toal makes an opening in the top of the affected tooth.

Through this opening, she removes the diseased pulp and thoroughly cleans out the inside of the tooth, filling the canal with a special material that seals it off. Finally, Dr. Toal closes the opening in the crown with tooth-colored material, and the pain you had felt from the infection disappears altogether! And if the patient practices effective dental hygiene, the repaired tooth can last a lifetime.

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