If you have lost one tooth or several consecutive teeth, Dr. Maureen Toal may recommend a dental bridge for you. A dental bridge is a non-removable, or fixed, dental appliance designed to restore your smile to its ideal health, comfort, and performance. Dental bridges are designed to last for more than a decade. Some of the benefits that can be offered from a dental bridge include:

  • An enhanced ability to chew and eat properly
  • A restored ability to speak properly
  • Relieving pressure that is put on your bite by missing teeth
  • Preventing your natural teeth from shifting
  • A complete, natural-looking smile

At Center For Dental Rehabilitation, we work hard to help you have the best dental experience possible. A bridge consists of a pontic—or a natural tooth—and at least one anchor. Our friendly dentist will shape your teeth to match the size and shape of your smile. These pontics can also be made to match the color, tone, and shade of your other teeth. Depending on your needs, we may recommend a dental crown or an implant to anchor the bridge. If you have any questions about the benefits of a dental bridge in Phoenix, Arizona, please feel free to contact us today.