Of course, the best way to avoid lengthy dental procedures is to come in to our office for regular dental checkups. The appointment will consist of a regular check-up, x-rays, and a dental cleaning to decrease future occurrences of oral and dental disease so your teeth can remain healthy and beautiful.

Dr. Maureen Toal understands that while regular checkups may be routine, they can still be a cause of major anxiety for patients with dental phobia. During your consultation with Dr. Maureen Toal, you can talk to her about the different kinds of sedation dentistry available; this can help you feel more comfortable during your treatment and more refreshed when you leave.

At Center For Dental Rehabilitation, our dentist recommends that you visit our office at least once every six months for a routine teeth cleaning and dental exam. After your examination, we may recommend more frequent visits with us until we are able to give you the healthy smile you deserve. If we do discover potential problems, we will work hard to develop a custom dental plan for you. After we have created the plan that is right for you, we will provide the treatment you need to achieve the healthy smile you envision as quickly as possible. If you are ready to schedule your next teeth cleaning in Phoenix, Arizona, we invite you to call and contact us today.