Hear directly from our patients about how Dr. Maureen Toal has helped them address their dental needs like no one else can.

Testimonial from the daughter of an 85-year-old patient:

While seeking treatment for several months and after consultation with a trusted oral surgeon, we were referred to Maureen Toal, DMD. My 85-year-old mother had suffered from dementia for five years and unbeknownst to us, needed a full mouth restoration.

We sought help from and consulted with six other dentists and oral surgeons before we found Dr. Toal. Upon meeting, it appeared she was the only dentist who really cared about my mother’s oral health. I was relieved after being sad, angry and exhausted that this became a 12-month saga and as it was so difficult to find someone who would treat my mother.

The experience felt like a boutique dental office and hospital — without the snobbery! We are lowbrow people who appreciate excellent service. Doctors, dental assistants, and nurses knew who we were, provided for our dental, medical, and personal needs — our overall comfort. We didn’t have to ask for anything.

Pre and post surgery photographs assured us we were doing the right thing and in the best accommodations possible. After five hours of dental work in the hospital, I was amazed my mother never complained of discomfort or pain.

We attribute Dr. Toal’s care of my mom to an overall improved quality of life. We did not know my mom had such bad teeth and such serious infection. Over a period of two months, my non-ambulatory mother has been able to stand with assistance. She has more energy and much happier. My mother’s appetite has also increased significantly and she now enjoys eating steak and crunchy Brussels sprouts!

At this point, it appears Dr. Toal removed the oral infection in its entirety and uncovered the needs of each and every one of my mother’s teeth. Dr. Toal and Dr. B are amazing and The Center for Dental Rehabilitation has blessed my mother, my father and our entire family!

Dr. Toal and Dr. B are both highly qualified dentists and excellent communicators. The dentists listen to the patient, family concerns and thoroughly explain dental treatment and health. This leaves no questions unanswered and makes one feel less anxious about treatment and expenses. The Center for Dental Rehabilitation dentists spend a lot of time ensuring a mutual understanding between the patient and doctor in terms of investment of time and dollars.

We highly recommend Dr. Toal, Dr. B and their dental assistants to friends and family. You know you have the best when you experience complete treatment, overall healing, and dental hospitality!

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