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Your dentist, Dr. Maureen Toal, recommends receiving a professional dental cleaning every six months, but did you know it’s about more than just preventing cavities, stopping tooth loss, and brightening your smile? Well, it’s true. In fact, there are benefits to your cleaning that you might not have ever thought about before. Our dental team is happy to tell you all about those benefits.

The first benefit is that it freshens your breath. This is because it kills the bacteria that releases an odor in your mouth. It also treats gingivitis, which is a dangerous dental issue that has persistent bad breath as a common symptom. After your appointment, you can have the fresh breath you deserve.

The second benefit is that it boosts your overall health. This is because it cares for your smile and improves the oral health. The oral health is linked to the overall health, so deeply cleaning the teeth, gums, and mouth can help you avoid dental issues that affect the entire body—not just the smile.

The third benefit is that it saves you money. This is because it helps you prevent dental issues that could be costly to treat, like cavities, cracked teeth, and infected gums. If you fail to keep up these appointments, you might find yourself in the dental chair wondering how much money you’ll have left in your wallet after your treatment.

To learn more about dental cleanings in Phoenix, Arizona, or to schedule your next appointment, please contact Center For Dental Rehabilitation at 602.485.0505 when you can. Our dental team is happy to give you the information you need as well as schedule an appointment for you so you can help your smile and oral health!