Toal Method™ is a comprehensive approach to dentistry providing greater comfort and value to patients through integration of our Three Pillars of Proactive Dental Treatment™: 1) Treating the mouth as an organ system to ensure total health of the mouth and body; 2) Developing effective treatment plans that minimize visits, reducing stress on the patient and improving recovery times; and 3) Incorporating all forms of anesthesia combined with comprehensive treatment plans for greater predictability, comfort, reduced anxiety and the ability to initiate and complete more procedures in a shorter period of time.

Toal Method™ provides comfortable and secure access to treatment for a range of special needs patients including those suffering from severe dental treatment anxiety, medical disorders which prevent them from receiving traditional treatment or those with physical, mental or psychological challenges which have limited their access and ability to acquire dental treatment in the regular dental setting.

Toal Method™ safely incorporates all forms of anesthesia into comprehensive general dentistry allowing for a better patient experience, greater value for the patient and improved long-term patient results.

Approved PACE Program Provider FAGD/MAGD credit. Approval does not imply acceptance by state or provincial board of Dentistry or AGD endorsement. 1/1/2017 to 12/31/2018. Provider ID#: 373604

The Benefits of Toal Method™

  • Provides effective dental treatment options for a large population whose needs go unmet
  • Greater financial value / ROI for Dentists
  • Addresses incidents that may have scared patients (pain, fear, anxiety)
  • Decreases stress
  • Greater revenue for dentists
  • Increased productivity – work faster, smarter; MAXIMIZES the human tools of the practice
  • Fills a void in the marketplace
  • Allows dentists to be the “good guy” rather than the “bad / scary guy”
  • Extends the reach of the practice; ability to treat a larger patient population
  • Dentists will use more of their training and build on a more solid foundation of their training
  • Allows for multiple, interdisciplinary procedures at one time
  • Dentists will be able to treat a larger population in their office with less referrals out

Learn how Toal Method Can Impact Your Practice
Dr. Maureen Toal is opening her practice doors, inviting a limited number of participants to learn the best practice methods for improving practice efficiency, improving and delivering overall comprehensive patient care, safety and maximizing patient care in your practice for you and your team.

This 3-Day seminar features:

  • Treating the Mouth as an Organ System
  • Efficiently (and Safely) Incorporating all forms of Anesthesia into Treatment Plans
  • A Live Patient Experience (LPE) and 4- and 6-Handed dentistry