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The essential function of your mouth relies on the physical presence of your 32 teeth. When a single tooth is lost to dental trauma or severe tooth decay it can do more than hamper your ability to efficiently process food.

As time goes on the structural change in that part of your mouth can also start to alter the alignment of the nearby teeth. This could eventually increase your risk of suffering a chipped tooth, dental fracture, and issues with dental attrition.

If you are missing a tooth it’s best to schedule an appointment with a doctor like Dr. Maureen Toal to explore your dental restoration option. In many of these cases she might be able to prevent further complications by installing a dental bridge. This treatment plan is intended to help hold the neighboring teeth in place, while also restoring the tooth’s basic function in your mouth.

Dr. Toal will start by forming abutments out of the two closest teeth. This calls for her to remove the existing tooth enamel layer from each tooth to create abutments with the necessary strength to anchor the dental bridge in place.

A careful impression of the area will help to guide the dental lab technicians who will create your dental bridge from special dental materials.

When it is ready Dr. Toal will cement your new dental bridge onto the anchoring abutments with a special dental adhesive. This will restore the tooth’s basic function in your mouth, while also helping to prevent structural complications.

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